Customer Sectors

Travel, Transport & Distribution

Working with a wide range of private and public organisations that operate in the travel, transport and distribution sector.

Working with small companies, SMEs and with large semi-commercial state organisations on a wide range of issues including strategy, customer experience, innovation, LEAN programs, Organisational Development, the Centre has capability, capacity and experience.

The Centre has a wide range of tools and methods to assist companies in the travel, transport and distribution sector drive forward their Competitive Advantage.

The Centre works with Translink, and a number of other companies including distribution and couriers, warehousing and transport companies, airports, bus and coach companies. We offer capability and experience in a range of Organisational Development and LEAN programs, training, supporting and mentoring managers and teams drive change and improvements. 

For further information, or to arrange an exploratory meeting, please contact Adrian Gundy at 

How it can benefit you

✓ Compare your operational performance against Global and European Best Practice benchmark – over 2500 European companies
✓ Identify your strengths to help you drive Competitive Advantage.
✓ Identify weaker areas of performance and drive Continuous Improvement.
✓ Discover new market and new product/service opportunities.
✓ Embed a Quality Culture and an ethos of Continuous Improvement.
✓ Improve, develop and evolve your processes with a structured and systematic approach that will drive repeated and sustained high performance.

Driving Competitive Advantage

Customer Focus