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Eliminate Waste and Standardize your Working Environment

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but habit.” – Aristotle

 “5S, is all about keeping things organized and tidy – a prerequisite for efficiency? “5S in practice will transform the workplace whether it’s the factory floor or the office” But 5S is not only about the aesthetics of the work place, or even about the efficiency gains that you will achieve (typically, 10% to 30%); The real benefit of 5S is the introduction of standardised operational practices to ensure efficient, ergonomic, repeatable, safe ways of working. This brings many benefits: higher quality, lower costs, reliable deliveries, increased morale, and improved safety … to name but a few. It will also result in a highly visual workplace. One of the most important results of 5S is that it makes problems immediately obvious. “It’s not enough to do your best; you must know what to do and then do your best” Dr Edwards Deming

5S works by helping the team eliminate the seven wastes of lean manufacturing: Waste in Transport, Inventory, Motion, Waiting, Over-processing, Overproduction, and Defects.

It is therefore one of the most powerful Lean Tools, and provides a stable foundation upon which to build all of your other improvement programs, Lean Tools and Practices. It is also one of the simplest to implement, and can be applied within your manufacturing environment, office processes or even within a service industry.

5S is a team approach and requires the participation of everyone within the area in which it is applied to be effective. A culture of good practice will enhance your brand and improve business performance.

This one day course will lay the foundations and provide you with a comprehensive overview of the 5S Process and how you can implement it to your organization. Mentoring and support for implementation will be available thereafter.



  • Background and History
  • What “5S” is, what “5S” is not

“5S” Process

  • Sorting
  • Straighten
  • Shining
  • Standardize
  • Sustaining

Implementing “5S”

  • Identify the pilot area
  • Documentation of the Present State
  • Follow the “5S” Process
  • Standardization: Visual Factory, SOP’s, etc.

Verification and Standardization

  • Management commitment
  • “5S” Audit process and metrics
  • “5S” Scorecard and “5S” Board
  • “5S” Plant walk process

Identifying Waste

  • The 7 Wastes
  • Value Added and Non-Value Added Operations

Tools to Identify Waste

  • Process Mapping
  • Spaghetti Diagram
  • Process Balancing
  • Push or Pull?
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • PDCA Approach
  • Date: 30th March
  • Start Time: 09
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Location:
  • Cost:
    Members: £295 + VAT, Non Members: £385 + VAT
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