Basic Assessor Training Workshop

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Basic Assessor Training Workshop

The Basic Assessor Training (BAT) is designed to give people who have very little knowledge of the EFQM Excellence Model a basic understanding of the structure and the 3 key elements:

•The Fundamental Concepts of Excellence

•The EFQM Excellence Model

•The RADAR Logic

What makes an excellent organisation? This practical half-day workshop is designed to answer that question, based on understanding the links between the 2013 EFQM Excellence Model, the Fundamental Concepts, and the RADAR© logic.

As the "first step" for potential EFQM Assessors and line managers to begin training as an internal, peer or external Assessor, you will look at how this excellence framework can be used day-to-day in your organisation. Practical exercises act as preparation for applying self-assessment within your own organisation and for you before going on to further training.

This workshop is a pre-requisite for the EFQM Assessor Training, but can be undertaken as preparation for any EFQM training.

At A Glance

  • Develop a good understanding of the characteristics of excellent organisations
  • Gain basic knowledge of the relationship between the Fundamental Concepts, the EFQM Excellence Model’s 9 criteria, and RADAR©
  • Take the "first step" on the excellence pathway for potential EFQM Assessors and line managers
  • Prepare for the EFQM Assessor Training course with helpful and constructive exercises

Who should attend?

Suitable if you have very little or no knowledge of the EFQM Excellence Model and/or:

  • Want to understand the basics of the EFQM Model and its three constituent parts
  • Have attended a Basic Assessor Webinar, and would like to gain greater understanding through practical exercises
  • Aim to become an EFQM Assessor
  • Simply want to refresh your knowledge
  • Date: 6th April
  • Start Time: 09.30 - 13.30
  • Duration: 1/2 day
  • Location:
  • Cost:
    Members: £200 (€250), Non Members: £300 (€350)
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