Building Competitive Advantage

We actively support organisations from the private, public and voluntary sectors be more competitive, enabling them to grow, excel and be sustainable.

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Through providing the tools and systematic approach for the successful exploitation of new ideas or inventions into goods and services that creates new value or for which customers will pay.

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Growth through the effective and efficient use of resources to maximise income, improve competitiveness, customer satisfaction and achieve greater output per unit of input.  

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The Pursuit of Excellence through inspiring organisations to achieve sustainable excellence by engaging leaders to learn, share and innovate using the EFQM Excellence Model.

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How One Man Saved Delta Airlines “Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars” With Lucidchart

Check out this case study here of Business Process Re-engineering at Delta airlines. The process and tools used are exactly the same ones that we use at the Centre for Competitiveness.

So what ask us to see how we at the Centre can do the same for you and your company? 


Smart Grid & Energy

The Smart Grid cluster of companies was formed in 2009 by the private sector in partnership with the main Utilities on the Island of Ireland to address the need to provide an intelligent network infrastructure through innovation by connecting multiple Electrical energy supply sources to the energy network. Smart Grid Ireland under its rebranded name Smart Energy Ireland is a collaborative enterprise promoting and supporting sustainable development and the next generation digital energy infrastructure by combining common interests, public sector advocacy, optimising technology solutions through stimulating innovation to grow the economy, create jobs and develop new business meeting customer expectations 

SLA Mobile

We committed to the Gold Star Service Excellence to enhance our reputation and to validate our customer service systems.

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