China Outbound Tourism Research Institute
The China Outbound Tourism Research Institute (COTRI) is helping clients to forge profitable relations with Chinese customers, as well as fostering the growth of Chinese outbound tourism.

The COTRI Process

The Chinese visitor is very different to the traditional recreational holiday maker from markets such as Europe and the USA. Reasons for travel in China are complex and sophisticated, and trips are very much today’s status symbol in China. There are many different kinds of travellers with many different levels of experience and expectations for many different reasons. Understanding Chinese customers from package-tour first timers to “Second Wave” sophisticated self-organised travellers and responding to their demands, communicating readiness, and offering the right kind of services to the right kind of market segment, is key to success in this market.

The ‘China Welcome Training’ programme, certified by COTRI and delivered by Centre for Competitiveness, is a bespoke programme that will provide your business with the tools to both attract and appropriately ‘Welcome’ Chinese visitors.

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Guiding Principles

  • Ensure organisations build a solid foundation of market knowledge to help them maximise the success of their marketing and sales initiatives.
  • Help clients forge profitable relations with Chinese customers as well as foster the growth of Chinese outbound tourism.
  • Enable organisations to position themselves at the forefront of the biggest global outbound tourism source market by understanding the different market segments.


The ‘Chinese Welcome Certificate’ is accredited by COTRI and delivered by the Centre for Competitiveness.

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Value Proposition

  • Training and Accreditation will help employees at all levels to better understand the Chinese visitor and ensure their needs are met.
  • The programme is certified by COTRI, the world's leading independent research institute for Chinese outbound tourism.
  • Learn to successfully adapt products and communicate the special attention expected by Chinese tour operators and self-organised travellers.
  • Obtain vital insights into this increasingly important market.
  • Gain access to a networking partnership that is designed to promote your travel business in the Chinese marketplace.