What We Do
We help our member organisations to build sustainable competitive advantage by increasing productivity, driving quality excellence, and creating a culture of innovation.
We use internationally recognised standards to deliver high quality assessment, training and accreditation.
Our direct industry experience enables us to provide specific advice and support to guide businesses to sustainable growth.


Providing the tools and systematic approach for the successful exploitation of new business processes, business models, products and services that create opportunity and achieve value for both the company and customer.

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The Pursuit of Excellence through inspiring organisations to achieve sustainable excellence by engaging leaders to learn, share and innovate using established excellence models.

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Growth through the effective and efficient use of resources to maximise income, increase customer satisfaction and achieve greater output per unit of input.

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Smart Grid Ireland (SGI) is contributing to the deployment of a highly decarbonised electricity grid on the Island of Ireland by 2030

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Our established training courses, delivered by industry experts, will assist you in improving your organisation.

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Compare your organisation with global best practice using our established national and international accreditation programmes.

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With our various benchmarking programmes comes the opportunity for national and international recognition.

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