Centre for Competitiveness is the partner for EFQM and ADS for the Island of Ireland and strategic partner for a number of other global organisations. These partnerships ensure international recognition across a range of key business disciplines.

Why is recognition important?

External recognition objectively demonstrates to your customers, employees and the wider world the commitment of your organisation to the pursuit of excellence.

As the EFQM and ADS partner for the Island of Ireland, the Centre for Competitiveness administers a comprehensive Awards and Recognition programme for organisations of all sizes and from all sectors. Wherever your organisation might be on its excellence journey, we can help you apply for the appropriate level of recognition.

Demonstrate your commitment

The recognition process represents a meaningful way of demonstrating to all your customers, employees and other stakeholders that you are committed to improving your performance and are devoted to achieving Sustainable Excellence. It will also provide you with additional insights which your organisation can use as a focus for further improvement.

If you would like more information, please contact us.

How it can benefit you

  • External feedback from an experienced team of assessors, which helps focus your organisation's improvement activity.
  • An opportunity to benchmark your organisation's current level of performance against European organisations.
  • Prestigious international recognition, based on widely used and respected management frameworks.