Smart Grid Ireland (SGI) contributes to the deployment of a highly decarbonised electricity grid on the Island of Ireland by 2030 that will meet the national policy targets.

Who we are & What we do

Smart Grid Ireland (SGI) is an independent, industry led, networking cluster influencing government and regulation, promoting good corporate citizenship and actively driving technology solutions that accelerate the cultural and societal changes needed to achieve a digitalized, decentralized and decarbonised electricity network and improve the Island of Ireland’s international competitiveness. Click here for more information on SGI.

Guiding Principles

SGI has five Guiding Principles;

  1. All Ireland representation on Smart Grid Development
  2. Transformational engagement with utilities operators, regulators and both governments
  3. Supporting the EU directive on Energy Security & Sustainability
  4. Development of a long term stakeholder view of the system in transition, and
  5. Identifying potential for Demonstration Project Opportunities

Current Focus Areas

  • Developing Clusters of Industrial energy users and suppliers to address users' needs and potential solutions
  • Assisting Local Government Organisations (Members) in developing sustainable energy strategies
  • Direct engagement with Energy Policy Makers through attendance at Network meetings, consultation and sharing of benchmark information from SGI international sources

Become a Member

Board Member - £10K (€11K) annual fee (Maximum 15 Members)

VALUE PROPOSITION - Leadership Role and Strategic Direction of SGI Executive

General Member - £5K (€6K) annual fee (no registration limit)

VALUE PROPOSITION - Bi-monthly round table update meetings, opportunities to engage or partner with other SGI members / commercial activities. Bi-monthly newsletters, member’s only website information resources.

SME Member - £2.5K (€3K) annual fee (no registration limit)

VALUE PROPOSITION - Bi-monthly newsletters, member’s only website information resources, quarterly Information sessions on projects and opportunity to partner in providing solutions.

Download our membership flyer here

For more information on Smart Grid Ireland and becoming a member, please contact us.


Value Proposition

  • Active Network of Multinational Smart Grid Energy Companies (Cross Sector).
  • Operate Close to the Customer and help to Define / Recommend Supply Solutions.
  • Voice of the Industry supporting Integrated Grid Modernisation.
  • At the Leading Edge of Smart(er) Grid Energy Deployment / Innovation.
  • Create Value for Members and Customers through Collaboration / Good Practice.
  • Influence Government & Regulator on Smart Grid Energy Policy & Strategy.
  • Identify Potential Commercialisation Opportunities.
  • Partnership Platform for Collaboration with SGI Businesses for Mutual Benefit.
  • Access to Ministers / Senior Public Sector Representatives in both Jurisdictions in Ireland and EU Commission bodies.