EFQM Innovation Lens
Providing the tools and systematic approach for the successful exploitation of new business processes, business models, products, solutions and services that create opportunity and achieve value for both company and customer.

The Innovation Lens

The 'Innovation Lens' is a structured programme designed to help organisations assess their Innovation maturity against the four Innovation dimensions of Direction, Delivery, Results and Climate. Launched in Helsinki in October 2019 it is currently being implemented across all European countries and the Middle East under the EFQM and CforC Brand names. 

The 'Lens' allows organisations to understand what innovation means for them and how to effectively release their innovation potential to develop new products, processes and services.

Guiding Principles

Regardless of the size of the organisation or whether it is public, private or third sector, the guiding principles that underpin the EFQM Innovation Lens are;

  • Alignment of Innovation Strategy and Actions to overall Business Objectives.
  • Development of a collaborative culture, both internal and external.
  • Provision of appropriate processes and resources to support Innovation.
  • Appropriate measures in place to demonstrate business impact.


The Lens also incorporates recognition to reflect your organisation's level of Innovation maturity. With three levels of recognition available , and applying the established EFQM 'RADAR' approach, organisations are assessed against the four dimensions of Innovation Direction; Innovation Climate; Innovation Delivery; and Innovation Results. Furthermore, the assessment will allow organisations to benchmark their Innovation approach against other international partners.

To learn more about the Innovation Lens and how the process would be applied to your organisation, please contact us.

Value Proposition

  • Enables a strategic, integrated approach to managing and measuring innovation.
  • Ensures that approaches to Innovation are closely aligned to all aspects of operational activity.
  • Provides the building blocks for organisations to realise their Innovation ambitions.