Tailored Team Leader Development Programme
Success within any organisation requires both Talent and Process, yet quite often we focus on Process at the expense of developing our key Talents. Team Leaders are in daily contact with a greater number of people than at any other management level, and the impact they can have on the organisation’s performance is often underappreciated.

The Tailored Team Leader Development Programme

Team Leaders are key people in the organization who have invaluable knowledge and experience, but they often struggle when it comes to assuming leadership behaviours. Our Team Leader Development Programme offers a “hands-on” approach with greater emphasis placed on shadowing and mentoring the Team Leader during their daily routine. It tailors a ‘from-to’ path for each participant based on an understanding of their needs, the organisational culture, the shop floor management system and the development plans of their organisation.

Guiding Principles

We understand that for Team Leader Development Programmes to be effective, organizational context is critical. Our Guiding Principles for the programme are therefore;

  • Through a scoping visit by our Coaching Team, we will develop a clear understanding of your organization’s strategic goals and how your team leader structure fits into that strategy.
  • We will work with you to establish the current state and agree the scope of the development programme to be offered.
  • We will tailor the programme to fit with your working patterns, with delivery typically in three phases over a 60-day period with an on-site Benchmarking Review and coaching session at the end of each phase.
  • We will ensure continuous feedback to management and stakeholders at the end of each phase to appraise them of progress and highlight any areas that may require further support.

In addition, our Programme offers participants remote support from coaches as and when required, as well as the opportunity to visit other manufacturers to observe best practices. This is particularly impactful for visual learners.


As part of the programme, each Team Leader will identify a continuous improvement activity/plan which we suggest should be linked to your internal recognition process. The continuous improvement activity/project will involve the Team Leader working with both team members and support team members and will ideally include the application of a problem-solving tool. The activity/project could, for example, include a 5S project, a Quality problem, a cost reduction activity or a team building exercise.

To learn more about how the Tailored Team Leader Development Programme can help your organisation, please contact us.

Value Proposition

  • Develop key talent within your organization by providing them tools to deliver key organizational objectives.
  • Increased Productivity by providing your Team Leaders with a structured approach to measuring key indicators, leading the problem solving process, and improving people management skills.
  • Continuous improvement project that will impact on the results of each team leaders area.
  • Follow-up review 2 months after the completion of the Program to measure the difference in the productivity of the team leader’s team prior to and after the completion of the Program.