European Foundation for Quality Management
The EFQM Model will help your organisation achieve success by measuring where you are on the path to creating sustainable value. It will help you understand the gaps and possible solutions available, enabling you to progress and improve your organisation's performance.

The EFQM Model

The strategic nature of the EFQM Model, combined with its focus on operational performance and a results orientation, makes it the ideal framework for assessing where you are in relation to where you want to be. It is based on the simple but powerful logic of asking three questions, Why, How and What.

  1. Why does the organisation exist?
  2. How does it intend to deliver on its purpose and its Strategy?
  3. What has it actually achieved to date and What does it intend to achieve.

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Guiding Principles

Regardless of the size of the organisation or whether it is public, private or third sector, the guiding principles that underpin the EFQM Model are as follows;

  • Recognising the importance of the customer.
  • Taking a long-term stakeholder view, understanding the cause and effect linkages between why an organisation does something, how it does it and what it achieves as a consequence of its actions.
  • The Model also reflects the key principles of the European Social Charter and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


EFQM Recognition is internationally valued, providing organisations with clear, objective feedback on performance across their business operations. Various levels of recognition are available with the EFQM Global Excellence Award being the ultimate competition for recognising outstanding organisations, In essence, this is ‘Champions League’ level with the process involving a very rigorous assessment process, conducted by a team of experienced EFQM Assessors who, collectively, have experience in different sectors and come from different cultural and national backgrounds. Recent winners of the award include Bosch, BMW, Dubai Customs and Slieve Russell Hotel, illustrating the international nature of the awards.

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Value Proposition

  • Provides a strategic, integrated approach to managing and measuring improvement.
  • Benefits realised by organisations worldwide include improved leadership effectiveness, increased people engagement and morale.
  • Ensures alignment of objectives at all levels.
  • Adds value to products and services, all leading to improved business results.