Supply Chains for the 21st Century
The SC21 programme is about taking everything we do to the next level, increasing our efficiency, improving our skills and being consistent and collaborative in how we work. The programme has already had over 880 companies sign up to its principles as they embark on their continuous improvement journey.

The SC21 Process

Supply Chains for the 21st Century (SC21) is an improvement programme designed to increase the competitiveness of the UK Aerospace and Defence industry across its entire supply chain. Using a standard framework which reflects the requirements of major Aerospace and Defence organisations worldwide, participants achieve and maintain agreed goals across their quality, delivery, sustainable improvement and associated frameworks of business, manufacturing and relationship excellence. Support is provided throughout the process by Centre for Competitiveness as ADS partner for the Island of Ireland.

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Guiding Principles

SC21 is supported by the UK Aerospace Supply Chain Competitiveness Charter which reflects the Aerospace Industrial Strategy. The Charter demonstrates the commitment of prime and tier 1 companies to their UK suppliers, with SC21 participants committing to developing a working culture that focuses on development, performance and relationships.


Participants who successfully complete the SC21 process will be formally recognised by ADS at a level dependent upon their performance against the key criteria. Organisations achieving and maintaining agreed criteria in terms of delivery, quality, sustainable improvement and the associated improvement frameworks (business, manufacturing and relationship excellence) will receive recognition in the form of a bronze, silver or gold award.

To learn more about the SC21 Model together with the Process and its associated Recognition Levels, please contact us.

Value Proposition

  • Increased competitiveness, enhanced customer perception and lower internal costs through implementing the various aspects of development and performance.
  • Excellent delivery and quality performance, reduced supply chain risk and implementing leaner production methods are just some of the outcomes.
  • Ultimately, the aim of the SC21 programme is to reduce overheads and costs in the supply chain and ultimately contribute to an improved bottom line.