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Process Mapping

Our Process Mapping Training course has been designed as a one-day programme so that your business may use Process Mapping as THE TOOL to drive improvement. The techniques explained in this practical "hands-on" workshop will yield real, timely, and motivating results.

A process map is a visual tool used to illustrate your core processes. It is essentially a breakdown of a process to determine how it flows and, ultimately, how effective it is. Those who use PROCESS MAPPING look closely at elements such as the structure of a system and the flow of communication within the system.  It is therefore a communication tool, a planning tool, and a tool to drive unnecessary waste and cost out of your organisation. It is also a practical tool to help you identify and address core problems in your organisation.

PROCESS MAPPING is an essential and critical stage in the search for performance improvement. Yet the approach is not widely recognized or understood. PROCESS MAPPING will help managers and staff alike discover what the process is currently like, what are the Value Added, the Non-value Added, and the Value Enabling activities, and how to identify opportunities for improvement as you map out how the process should look like 

Whether delivering a service or producing a product, successful organisations are in continual pursuit of better, faster and cheaper way of delivering satisfaction to their customers. PROCESS MAPPING will provide organizations with an agreed and accurate understanding of their current processes, and will therefore provide new sources of rich stimulation for ideas to solve problems, find improvements, and map what the process should look like. It is therefore a foundation upon which many organizations then develop and implement many other Lean tools.

PROCESS MAPPING is also a key tool used in the design and implementation of a robust Quality Operating System. The International Organization for Standardization or ISO 9001 encourages a process approach to quality management as it helps in the understanding of how each process relates to other processes within the organization and how those interactions impact Quality Management.

This workshop can also be delivered in-house as a stand-alone training workshop or integrated into wider improvement activities.

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