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Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) is a logical and systematic method used to identify and evaluate the potential mode of failure of a product or process and determine its effects. It then allows teams to identify and implement actions which will minimize or eliminate the potential failure modes.

With many sectors of industry now demanding that Quality and Reliability be achieved the "first time" and "every time", there is increasing pressure on suppliers to ensure that their processes or designs perform in a consistent, safe and reliable way throughout the product or process life cycle, in order to provide their customers with a product or service that satisfies their requirements. 

The FMEA technique requires a sequential, disciplined approach to assess systems, products or processes, in order to establish the modes of failure and the effects of failure on the system, product or process.

This is to ensure that all possible failure modes have been fully identified and ranked in order of their importance. Increasingly, contracts are requiring Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) to be performed as a condition of placing the order. Also, the use of FMEA minimises the company's likely exposure to very expensive product liability claims.

An FMEA is often the first step of a system reliability study, and its risk assessment and risk management principals can be performed at the system, subsystem, assembly, sub-assembly or part level. Although initially developed by the military, FMEA methodology is now extensively used in a variety of sectors including Manufacturing, Software Development, Food Processing and Healthcare

This practical and highly interactive course builds on these principles and will provide participants with a structured methodology to identify potential design, product, or quality issues before initiating change.



·       What is FMEA

·       The Importance and Benefits of FMEA

·       Types of FMEA

·       FMEA Terminology

·       The FMEA Worksheet

·       The FMEA Methodology

o   Detect a Failure Mode

o   Identify the Effect of each Failure Mode

o   Rate the Severity of each Effect

o   Identify the Potential Root Causes

o   Rate the Probability of Occurrence

o   Effectiveness of Process Controls

o   Rate Detectability of Mode/Root Cause

o   Calculate Risk Priority

o   Develop and Document Action Plans to reduce Risk

·       FMEA and Process Mapping

·       Relationship between Failure Mode, Cause and Effect

·       Worked Examples

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