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Understand the principles of the “Visual Factory”, basic “Visual Management Systems” and how to apply it to your working environment

This workshop introduces the tools and practices of Visual Management as one of the basic components of a Lean Management System. It shows how it can be used effectively to support standardization and problem solving across all functions, allowing the detection of product and process abnormalities in your value stream in real time. It also serves as a communication tool by visually defining for people what "good" is, what the "standard" is, and whether it is being maintained.

It allows a proactive approach to data gathering, leading to rapid data analysis, and aids decision making that results in corrective actions being taken in a cost effective way.

To achieve this, the workshop looks at how to identify critical product and process information, how to record and display it, who needs to see it, and how does it lead to action that resolves a problem or a non-conformance when it occurs.

The workshop also details the principles used in designing and implementation a "Visual Management System" in order to migrate your organization from one of gathering and analysing data, and reacting to abnormalities, to one of seeing waste, managing exceptions, and improving processes in real time.

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