Our established training courses, delivered by industry experts, will assist you in improving your organisation.


 Our Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt workshop is a two day programme designed to provide participants with a comprehensive overview of the Six Sigma Process. It explains how its implementation can be of benefit to the organization, and it enhances their current skills by developing a good understanding of the DEFINE - MEASURE - ANALYSE - IMPROVE – CONTROL (DMAIC) methodology.

Yellow Belt training is a powerful tool that allows your personnel to become a valuable player within the company’s larger goals and objectives. It will enable your team to identify opportunities for improvement and assist in the implementation of projects leading to efficiency.

It is specially designed to equip key personnel within the organization with the expertise needed to participate in projects led by a Green Belt or even a Black Belt. Typically these individuals learn how to gather relevant data, locate, control and watch out for possible monetary loss in any area of the company, and report this kind of information to Green Belts and Black Belts residing within the company.

It is also a very helpful tool for managers and/or executive personnel who will become champions and mentors of an organizations Lean culture, by providing them a comprehensive high level overview of the Six Sigma methodology, allowing them to understand the activities, deliverables and key concepts of Team problem solving.

If you have already invested in Green Belt and Black Belt training of key personnel in your organization, then you should consider the benefits of cascading the basic Six Sigma principles to lower levels in your company, creating a culture for improvement from the floor up.

Six Sigma can deliver results in all types of organisations and industries – not only in Engineering, Manufacturing and Assembly, but also in contact centres, the public sector, including healthcare, and in the software industry. Introduce Six Sigma into your organisation to achieve much increased efficiency and effectiveness, resulting in delighted customers.


Certification is available upon completion of Yellow Belt training plus one project in which the targeted savings have been achieved; a report which demonstrates the use of the tools and methodology is required.

This workshop is available online or in-house.

We will be happy to discuss Yellow Belt training in the context of your own business needs, so please contact us via email at or phone +44 (0)28 9073 7950 or our Dublin office +353 8 7224 2575 for more information.