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The Centre for Competitiveness is committed to assisting organisations on their journey to excellence. Since 1994 it has been the National Partner Organisation (NPO) in N. Ireland for EFQM and in 2012 became the EFQM Partner for Ireland. As such, CforC is solely responsible for the provision of licensed training against the model.

This 3 day course is based on the recently revised 2013 version of the EFQM Excellence Model and provides Accredited Assessor status based on individual performance against a set of assessor competencies.

The course is very interactive and covers advanced understanding of the EFQM Excellence Model, scoring using the RADAR matrix, understanding key aspects of conducting an assessment, integration with other improvement initiatives.


On completion of the course delegates will:

·       Have an in-depth understanding of the 2013 EFQM Excellence Model and of the RADAR Scoring Matrix.

·       Have a good level of assessor skills through practical "hands on" work – both individually before the course and in teams during the course.

·       Have the opportunity to learn with and from delegates with a range of different backgrounds.

·       Develop the skills and knowledge to conduct assessments.

·       Be able to contribute effectively as a member of a high performing assessment team.

·       Receive one-to-one feedback on their performance against the specified levels of performance.

Delegates receive a "pass" if they match or exceed pre-determined levels of performance against a set of assessor competencies. This entitles them to include the words "Accredited Assessor" on their CVs and publicity material. They also receive a certificate confirming their success and are featured on the CforC / EFQM Accredited Assessor database. Accredited assessors are then eligible to act as Assessors in the Ireland Excellence Award process.


Classroom plus syndicate work. Highly interactive, all syndicate work is based upon a case study, which requires up to 10 hours work before attending the course.


Managers at any level who:

·       Wish to develop their expertise of the EFQM 2013 Model.

·       Have been involved in assessment activity and wish to have a formal qualification.

·       Wish to develop their expertise and to have constructive feedback provided on their performance in a challenging team environment.

This workshop can also be delivered in-house as a stand-alone training workshop or integrated into wider improvement activities.

We are happy to discuss our EFQM Accredited Training in the context of your own business needs, so please contact us via email at or phone +44 (0)28 9073 7950 or our Dublin office +353 8 7224 2575 for more information.